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Scarlight Media L.L.C. is committed to the heart of story. Our mission is not merely to entertain, but to deeply move the audience through well crafted storytelling and professional quality production. We are a full service media company which means we can help our clients in the development, preproduction, production, and post production of both music & film.


Magnum Opus Image

Magnum Opus: E Pluribus Unum (2018-) - In production

Cover Page from Appalachia Summary 7-23-20

Appalachia (2021) Psychological Thriller - In development

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The Dynamix (2020-) Animated Series - In development

Cover - Enemy Summary 8-11-20

Enemy (2021-) TV Historical Fiction Series - In development

Rock Bottom Redemption Image

Rock Bottom Redemption (2017) - Documentary on long term recovery *originally aired Feb. 2017 KET/PBS

Magnum Opus Image (1)

Undertow (2021-) TV Historical Doc Series - In development

The Chamber Music Festival of Lexington (2017-2019) Upcoming 2021 Season - chambermusiclex.org/


Original Soundtracks

Daniel Boone and the Opening of the American West 

* 2015 Telly Award Winner 

Part 1 -

Part 2 -

“I remember the old home very well”: The Lincolns in Kentucky

* 2016 Telly Award Winner

“In the Declaration all men are created equal”: Abraham Lincoln in Illinois, 1830 to 1860

* 2020 Telly Award Winner

Video Projects 

*Magnum Opus: Music the Heal the World (2020-) Prelim Trailer / New official trailer coming soon.

* Episode One “E Pluribus Unum” now in post-production

Please email let us know if you have inspiring stories about music you'd like to share. 

Rock Bottom Redemption (2017) Aired February 18, 2017

* Steady rotation 2017-2019 on KET / https://www.ket.org/program/rock-bottom-redemption/

Spring Is Coming / Original Music "Meet the World" (2021) -

Chamber Music Festival of Lexington promotional videos (2019)

Scarlight Media has been the official videographer since 2017

Fearless (2018)-

Ben Lacy & Jay Roberts: MJ Cover “Don’t Stop ’til You Get Enough” instrumental cover

Opening for Steve Vai Passion & Warfare Anniversary Tour (Nov. 2016)

Just For Fun - Motion Photo Videos + Original Music

Hold On: A Tribute to 2020

Scarlight Rock Theme