Scarlight Media

The Heart of Story


Scarlight Media L.L.C. is committed to the heart of story. Our mission is not merely to entertain, but to deeply move the audience through well crafted storytelling and professional quality production. We are a full service media company which means we can help our clients in the development, preproduction, production, and post production of both music & film.


The Dynamix (2018-) Animated Series - In development

Appalachia (2019) Psychological Thriller - In development

Magnum Opus: Music the Heal the World (2018-) - In production

The Chamber Music Festival of Lexington (2017 / Upcoming 2018)

Rock Bottom Redemption (2017) - Documentary on overcoming addiction aired KET/PBS

Oliver Winston Behavioral Urgent Care Center (2017) Promos

Set Course (2017) Traditional Irish Music Recorded & Mixed In House